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Our Passion

We are dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals in discovering the endless possibilities available to them.

Our goal is to help your people make empowering shifts, get unstuck and break free from holding patterns in life, relationships and their careers using mindfulness and wellness practices.

We provide expertise, actionable steps and strategies to begin living a more productive and balanced life.


are but a few of the benefits of investing in the well-being of your people when partnering with us. It's been proven that promoting health and well-being makes for more productive individuals.

Now more than ever, it has become increasingly vital to focus on mental health and wellness in the workplace. In today’s climate of COVID, we are working longer and harder with less, giving way to increased feelings of stress at work and at home.

Such levels of stress coupled with feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm, being emotionally drained and for some struggling to keep up with incessant demands can cause unanticipated mental and physical health consequences.

Our online presentations and interactive workshops are designed to help those within your organization to destress, manage these demands and experience the results they’ve always wanted.



With the average person spending more time at work than on any other daily activity, it is vital that individuals within an organization feel connected and supported especially when workplace stress can sometimes be rooted in its culture.

Fostering positive interpersonal relationships has a beneficial impact on one's mental and physical well-being as well as encourages positive social interactions.

Investing in building healthy relationships in the workplace increases employee satisfaction, makes work more enjoyable and less stressful. Cultivating healthy workplace relationships helps everyone to succeed.

With years of experience in working with interpersonal relationships, we help clients build and manage stronger relationships so that they can thrive. 

What We Do

At The Sacred Space Coaching & Consulting

Our unstuck experts, certified cognitive behavioural + relationship coaches and wellness consultants support our clients in making the well-being of their people a priority.

With many years of experience, we help elevate individuals from their professional or personal state to becoming better and feeling happier. We provide services that are designed to aid in maximizing the emotional + mental health and wellness of our clients' most valuable asset - their employees.

Prior to my sessions with Denise I had gone through a painful break up...

"I came out of a 7 year relationship that I was confident would end in marriage which left me with a lot of shock, self-doubt, sadness, confusion, and brokenness.

While in this process, I discovered Denise and her team on social media and started following. I gained hope and inspiration from their content and shortly thereafter began my coaching sessions with Denise. I hoped to gain guidance and assurance that I was exactly where I was supposed to be and that things would get better. I definitely gained that and more!

This has made such a difference in my life, the way I see myself, the way I see others, and the way I see situations. I understand now that there’s truly a purpose for any pain that I go through. There’s a purpose for the relationship I had, purpose in the confusion and insecurity I was experiencing, and this purpose serves a greater plan than I could ever imagine.

What surprised me the most about my sessions with Denise was the tremendous growth I’ve gone through in this short time. 

I look back to the woman I was when I started those coaching sessions and I don’t recognize her. I am so different in the way that I carry myself. I’m no longer broken, insecure, doubting, or confused. In fact, I’m thankful for the break up, thankful for the brokenness I went through because it plays a part of the greatest love story I have yet to experience.

I’m so thankful for Denise’s life. She has so much wisdom, grace, and such a kind heart. I felt so comfortable to share anything and everything with her. She saw all my broken pieces and helped me sort through all I was feeling and going through. My brokenness is not something I wish didn’t happen, because I know it’s a masterpiece in the making.

I highly recommend these services for anyone that is even slightly considering coaching.

I was so fortunate to stumble upon them during my difficult season earlier this year, but even if you need coaching in other areas of your life, in your long term goals, big or small, they would benefit anyone! Eternally grateful for what Denise and her team have done for me."

—Brenna H.

One of my biggest struggles...

"Before my coaching sessions, I was going through a period of different changes in my life. I was trying to figure out what I wanted for my future and how to put my life together. At the time, one of my biggest struggles was deciding whether I needed to embark on a new career path and exactly at that point, I met Jennifer. 

Although, I heard about life coaches before, I couldn’t find someone who really focused on what I needed which was Career Coaching.

Since the very beginning of our sessions, I felt very comfortable talking to Jennifer. She carefully listen to what I was going through and understood what I really needed not just what I wanted.

I not only felt understood but supported, motivated and empowered...

with everything Jennifer and I talked about. She is really a great coach and I just really had a good time talking to her.

Our sessions helped me to focus on my strengths and realize my values and skills. They opened a new world of possibilities to me and helped me create a career path that I want to follow through with for my future.

What really surprised me was that everything we had been working on and discussing, everything I was looking for, started to happen for me! Things started falling in place and opportunities came knocking at my door. 

I really encourage everyone to keep an open mind and consider coaching.

Seek the help that you need to put your life together in any area that you need. Focus on, work at and fight for your dreams and the desires of your heart. But most of all enjoy the process.

—Aileen A.

Meet Our Team

Denise Chand, CLC

Unstuck Expert
Certified Cognitive Behavioural + Relationship Coach
Wellness Consultant

Jennifer John, CLC

Unstuck Expert
Certified Cognitive Behavioural + Relationship Coach
Wellness Consultant

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